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Success Stories: Rodney Hairston

In 2011, Rodney Hairston was a free man for the first time in eight years. He was initially released to Threshold, a halfway house on St. Paul Street in Baltimore city. For all former offenders, the first 90 days post-release is a critical period, and Rodneywas well aware of the numbers—may end up right …


Success Stories: Greg Jones

When Greg Jones arrived at ID for her first STRIVE class, it initially felt like “way too much.” Though she was eager to learn skills that would help her start a new career and keep it, the intensity of the 3-week class made her want to run for the door. “Sometimes we called it STRIVE®…


Success Stories: James Towns

When I was first introduced to ID back in 2008, I thought, “Man, I don’t want to spend 3 weeks of my life sitting in a program. It won’t be beneficial to me.” Boy was I wrong. I fought Miss Pitchford and Miss David tooth and nail every day. When I tried to quit, I …


Executive Director Story: Shon Hart

There are people from all walks of life who come to ID and the Center welcomes you just the same. There isn’t a single person there that I can honestly say does not enjoy what they do. You feel it the second you walk through the doors. They care and they are ready to help …




InvolvedDad is interested in hearing personal stories from the frontlines of fatherhood. Our Father Story Series shares insights about the joys, difficulties, and requirements of the work of fatherhood. If you are a father or you have a story about your relationship with your father and would like to contribute to our blog, contact InvolvedDad Admin today.

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