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Success Stories: Isaac Kemp

Author: InvolvedDad          October 1, 2020


I was an involved dad, before InvolvedDad came into my life. However, InvolvedDad helped me use my voice and advocate for myself and children within the courts.

I have always been an involved dad, but when dealing with the court system they will have you believing that you are a deadbeat. I knew that I was not being treated fairly and needed help to navigate the system. So I reached out to involvedDad for assistance. It wasn't easy as a man to ask for help and I was already involved in my sons life. But, I knew at the rate things were going I was going to be trampled over. Since, I've became part of InvolvedDad's programming things have been looking up. They didn't only talk a good game, they literally put their money and resources where their mouths were. I feel more confident as I go back and forth to court as I gain more rights of my son.

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