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Shon Y. Hart

Executive Director

Shon Hart is the  Executive Director of InvolvedDad, a married father of three, a premier keynote speaker and a leading authority on fatherhood. He brings over 10 years of collective work experience managing and leading fatherhood initiatives. He serves on various boards whose focus is empowering and making a difference in their communities. As Executive Director of InvolvedDad, Shon supports and trains practitioners, government agencies, and researchers how to ensure fathers contribute to the healthy well-being of their children. 


Shon is also a certified (ETA) Eric Thomas speaker, and a 5-time published author, working on his forthcoming book, "Broken Boys Become Broken Men."

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Leah M. Hart


Leah Hart is the Controller of InvolvedDad. Leah has been essential to the development, reorganization, and maintenance of every organization she has partnered with both professionally , and personally.  Her ability to provide an analysis of financial position at any given time enables required immediate decision making. With over 13 years experience in Non-Profit finance, Leah’s budget creation and monitoring at great detail has saved organizations thousands of dollars and allowed them to maintain a surplus even in the face of a desolate economy.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Michigan State University and her Master’s degree in Public Administration with a focus on Non-Profit Organizations from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Leah is a married mother of 3 children and a Business Administrator for the University of Michigan-Flint. 

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Raena Grant

Program Coordinator - Family Matters

Raena is a mom, wife, and productivity coach.  She was born and raised in Flint, MI, and  discovered herself in Nashville, TN where she studied Psychology at Fisk University. I have a diverse background in social work fields. Including case management, program development, and helping people find time to live in their purpose.  She finds so much joy is found in watching people prove themselves wrong. She has a passion for cheering people on while they navigate the nuances of day to day life.


George E. Conway

Director of Mental Health Services

George Conway II is the owner/operator of ReImage Collective Counseling LLC a fully licensed and insured counseling agency that provides therapy for individuals and families! A licensed social worker, George has spent 17 years working in the Human service field via education, the Michigan Department of Corrections and foster care. George is also currently contracted with multiple schools in the Greater Flint area providing a variety of mental health services to at risk youth, their families and surrounding communities. George received his undergraduate degree in Social work from the University of Michigan-Flint and his graduate degree in Social work from Eastern Michigan University. George, his wife and their 4 children currently reside in Flint Twp.


Todd Womack

Lead Facilitator

Todd Womack is a social worker by profession. He currently serves as a lecturer and academic advisory at the University of Michigan- Flint in the Social Work
Department. He also serves as the Pastor of Community Connections at Flint Central Church of the Nazarene. In addition he is Co-Pastor of The Underground Church which is a church for Netizens that speaks boldly to the issues of injustice in the world and framed in the orientation of Peacebuilding work. His passion for racial equity and equality is evident in his continued dedication and work towards strengthening Flint neighborhoods and supporting realistic and solution focused experiences. He and his wife Roshanda are the proud parents of 3 boys: Ngozi (blessing), Osei (noble), and Ande (unwavering).


Chuck Hill

Fatherhood Practitioner

Flint native Chuck Hill is a dedicated husband, father of six, and passionate community advocate. As a certified Domestic Violence Practitioner, Fatherhood Coach, and motivational speaker, he's spent over seven years guiding youth towards success. Chuck's latest project, "The Toolbox," shares essential life skills to help others overcome challenges and reach their full potential. His steadfast commitment to family and community has made him a respected figure, impacting lives through his work with InvolvedDad.



James Jackson, Sr.

Board President and Fatherhood Mentor Coordinator

Mr. Jackson has been a board member since InvolvedDad's inception in 2015. Recently,  he has taken on the role of ID Mentoring Program Coordinator. Mr. Jackson is employed by the State Government. In his current role, he coordinates workforce programs and the diversity  and inclusion recruitment initiatives. James emerged as a leader in his community by successfully launching  two amazing young men into the community.  In his free time, you will find James advocating for workforce preparation, leadership and soft skills training . He also sits on the Capital Area College Access Board and currently serves as  the Vice President of the Lansing Football League.  James’s work has been driven by his vision of being a servant leader. Together with his son Zion, James started IMOGUL Mentoring Group of which he is Executive Director.  The organization supports developing  youth in preparing them to overcome life’s obstacles  while preparing for independent living.  Outside of work James is  loving husband, passionate father, servant leader an avid volunteer and InvolvedDad. 

Patti Kutil Secretary

Patricia Kutil


Patty Kutil is a wife and mother of three adult children.  After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Packaging, she worked in Manufacturing Management before becoming a full time mother, community leader, and volunteer.  Some of her past experience includes serving as president of both her neighborhood association and the athletic boosters club of her kids’ high school, the fundraising coordinator of the Community Sharing Outreach Center in Highland Township, Michigan, and board member of FACES, which worked to provide academic opportunity to special needs students in parochial schools.  Currently, in addition to InvolvedDad, Patty is on the board of Building Bridges, an organization that allows students in Pontiac to receive excellent educational opportunities and mentorship.


Patty is driven by the belief that all people, and children in particular, deserve the opportunity to succeed.  Her focus has been on working on projects that “level the playing field”.  She believes that supporting strong families and the involvement of both parents in their children’s lives is critical to giving them the tools they need to thrive.


Jacolbi Jarrett

Facilitator and Treasurer

Jacolbi Jarrett was born and raised in Flint, MI and is the husband to his wonderful wife, Stephanie. With the addition of two sons Evan and Ethan, the fantastic four proudly consider themselves Team Jarrett. As a family man of faith, Jacolbi strives to lead by example with compassion and an emphasis on work ethic.

Graduate of  Kettering University where he studied  Electrical Engineering. Currently he is a Program Manager for an automotive manufacturing supplier in Michigan.

Jacolbi and his wife Stephanie launched a successful home-based customizing screen printing business. Jacolbi's success is anchored in his faith and is revealed through his love for his family. 

Shon Te Smith

Shonte' Smith

Board Member

Shonte’ is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Over the past eight years, she has worked diligently in Genesee County to increase breastfeeding rates. She has worked in the hospital as a lactation intern and at various pediatric and obstetrician clinics, promoting and educating women about breastfeeding. She facilitates local support groups, works with community partners, provides birth and postpartum doula services, and completed training to be a childbirth educator. Shonte' has worked with hundreds of families through education, support, and empowerment. She prides herself in caring, professional, efficient, and trustworthy care. Normalizing breastfeeding is her passion. Her goal is to provide culturally competent care for all families.

Hubert Roberts

Hubert Roberts

Board Member

Hubert L. Roberts was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Flint, Michigan. He graduated Highschool in Flint, MI, Bally Midwest Tech Novi, MI, and TOPS certified mentor program and is a Strategic reunification trainer. Roberts has created several mentoring programs and worked with Flint Community Schools for 15 years. He has worked in television and has a documentary and comic book about his life in 2016. He desires to be a part of the solution to make his community thrive and nourish the freedom of people.

Johnny Knott

Johnny Knott

Board Member

Johnny Knott is a father of three and have been married to Greta Knott for 38 years.  Johnny served in the armed forces (US Army) from 1982 to 1986. After leaving the military he moved to Flint, MI where he served as a Deacon at Divine Grace Ministries.  Johnny has always had a passion to serve people, particularly men. So, in 2012 Johnny started working with incarcerated men at Thumb Correctional Facility in, Lapeer, MI. Currently he works as a Drug court specialist helping clients overcome life addition in their lives.

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