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Your time, talent, and resources can help strengthen InvolvedDad families.

INVOLVED DAD offers a wide variety of opportunities for individuals and businesses to get involved in our mission to dismantle fatherlessness and fragile families.

Our team will work with you to best match your skills, talents, and interests with the right opportunity. Please reach out to us at the contacts listed below. or 313-757-1388.


Check Out These Ongoing Opportunities


Social Media & Marketing

Social media, branding, and marketing opportunities. InvolvedDad are always looking for qualified and skilled individuals to help bring more exposure to our organization. As a growing organization located in a small city. We are constantly looking for creative and cutting edge ways to connect with our clientele.



We need volunteers to offer their insight, wisdom, and knowledge about their careers. There are many opportunities for professionals to speak to our fathers about finance, careers, skills; etc.

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