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Highly trained staff and Licensed Social Workers facilitate supervised visits. The goal of Family Matters Supervised Visitations is to provide children and their families with safe and enriching opportunities for interaction and continuing of important familial relationships despite the conflict or other difficult circumstances they may be experiencing. Highly skilled staff provide discreet supervision in the community, virtually due to COVID-19, and in Family Matters office when necessary. Trained staff and Social Workers monitor family interaction to ensure the safety of the child(ren). Information regarding these visits can be provided to the Court or counsel as directed or agreed upon.


For situations where in-person parent/child is either determined to be inappropriate or is not logistically possible due to other barriers, Family Matters provides supervised virtual visitation. This includes supervising parental access through video calling on HIPAA compliant platforms such as Zoom, and also through supervised telephone calls. Depending on the technology you use at home, our staff workers are flexible and can arrange virtual sessions via Skype or Facetime.

Family Matters is also available to monitor email, text or written communication between a parent and child/ren. As with most Family Matters services, this can be utilized as a stand-alone service or as a compliment to other already utilized programs. 


FM’s Supervised Transfer Program (STP) offers two supervised transfer options for families and the Court: Monitored Transfers (MT) and Facilitated Transfers (FT). The Supervised Transfer Program (STP) is often viewed as a step down from supervised visitation as the parent and child no longer need the entire visit to be supervised. Through Monitored Transfer, Family Matters staff are available to monitor the child’s transfer between parents and the Supervised Transfer Program Coordinator is able to provide the Court with factual information related to these transfers, such verifying attendance and punctuality.

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