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Success Stories: Shon Hart

Author: CFUF          November 10, 2019


There are people from all walks of life who come to CFUF and the Center welcomes you just the same.

Despite having a BA degree and working all my life, I couldn’t find a job after I was laid off when my company moved its headquarters to Kansas City. That’s when a friend told me about STRIVE®. The program and the people truly gave me a sense of myself. They taught me things I was able to do better than I wasn’t even aware of. Attitude is a big thing and I learned how to be more rational, to not be so quick to fly off the handle, and go on the defense all the time. I graduated from the program in 2013, got a job, and got married all in the same year. Talk about milestones! STRIVE® was very instrumental and I am forever grateful. CFUF doesn’t stop there though—they are a lifelong support resource. When I was recently at the Center, I told Miss Pitchford how I needed a new suit for an upcoming job interview but new suits can be expensive. She showed up the next day with a suit for me to borrow out of her closet. I tell young people I meet about STRIVE® and the impact CFUF can have on your life. I empower them with knowledge and hope to inspire change.

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